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“It’s A God Thing!” radio program is a weekly, 30-minute, non-denominational show devoted exclusively to interviews with believers in Jesus Christ who have experienced God in a very unusual, often dramatic and sometimes humorous way.

All story-tellers claim that God moved mountains in their lives that they were unable to move themselves. They also say their “modern-day miracles” can only be described as a “God Thing!” which not only encouraged and inspired them but strengthened their faith and drew them closer to God.

Our goal is to jump-start a “spiritual re-awakening” among professing Christians and “not-yet” believers by sharing verified stories from believers who claim that God has proven himself to them in ways they can only describe as a “God Thing!”

For believers, our hope is that hearing these “God Thing!’ stories will encourage, inspire and strengthen the faith all who hear them.

For “not-yet” believers, we pray that hearing these “modern miracles” will cause them to re-think their spiritual beliefs and consider that there may be something to this God thing after all.